jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

The City.

Today I was walking around Bilbao and I found The City Summer Store. I didn´t know anything about it and my surprise when I see those gorgeous dresses , the most original deco items , the coolest bikinis I have seen before...

You can find brands like Maison Pompons , Lets Pause , Double Ikkat , Atipica , Balakata , De Vaqueros y Princesas , Mama Madejas , Abracolors , Sayan , Sagan , Maguen  , Marlota , Tanya Heath , mimosa&estraza ...

As you can see the decoration is exclusively sweet.

The girls who work in The City Bilbao are amazing and they wore for me really original head-dresses  , thank you!!!

I bought this mimosa&estraza bracelet .

If you are around Bilbao from 5/5 to 31/5 you have to visit The City Summer Store  , it worths it.

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  1. Such a lovely store!

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    Stay fancy!
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  2. You have a wonderful blog, I hope we can follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and FACEBOOK, if you decided to follow me please let me know so I can follow you back. xoxo

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